About Us

Activated Oxygen Ltd (AO LTD) is a company based in the West Midlands with over twenty years experience in manufacturing Activated Oxygen Gels and Oils.


Although the gel that AO Ltd had manufactured was delivering fantastic results with a variety of skin conditions, it wasn’t a very user friendly product, in that it had a very strong smell, that many patients were not keen on; it was also greasy and the skin didn’t absorb it very quickly.  Therefore, although the product worked extremely well, it could never be considered for cosmetic purposes while it was still in this form.  AO Ltd were finally able to transform their oxygenated gel into a luxurious, oxygenated cosmetic cream (something that had eluded them for the last 12 years, due to the reactive nature of the ‘activated oxygen’).  This amalgamation has now led to the development of some of the most exciting cosmetic products in years.  These exciting new products have taken over a decade to develop but finally the general public can discover the benefits of these amazing products.


What are the benefits of Activated Oxygen Products?

The oxygenated gel in our products is what delivers the health benefits to the skin.  It does this in several ways through the power of oxygen:


  • As we all know oxygen plays a critical part in sustaining life. Every living cell is dependent on oxygen to provide them with the life and energy they need to survive.  Oxygen also assists in the production of Collagen, Elastin and other proteins that are necessary to sustain a healthy skin condition.  Oxygen and energy levels in the skin naturally lower as we age because the circulation in our capillaries deteriorates over time, leaving the skin less elastic and producing fine lines and wrinkles.  Activated Oxygen provides the ultimate in oxygen skin rejuvenation by replenishing this lost oxygen and energy, therefore helping to fill fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the elasticity and structure of the skin.


  • Oxygen, will literally ‘breathe’ life back into our skin and because of the high oxygen content in Activated Oxygen, a Microcirculation effect is created on the skin. This effect helps to stimulate the production of fresh skin cells, further enhancing the appearance of your skin.  Activated Oxygen will also assist in rehydrating the moisture content of the skin, once again by increasing the oxygen level in our skin.


  • The ‘active oxygen’ contained within our products will also act as a natural exfoliator, as any unhealthy or dead skin cells will be oxidised (removed) by the ‘active oxygen’. The reason for this is because healthy skin cells contain enzymes (Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase)that prevent the ‘active oxygen’ from oxidising them, whereas dead or unhealthy skin cells do not contain these enzymes and therefore will be oxidised.  This process further enhances the stimulation of fresh skin cells giving skin a youthful, bright glow.


  • The ‘active oxygen’ in our products will also help to protect the skin from every day harmful pollutants and bacteria. Activated Oxygen's products are anti-bacterial, and although initially this might not seem to go hand in hand with a cosmetic product.  It highlights how high the oxygen content is in our products, that these products can kill such bacteria.  AO Ltd believes that this is a real added benefit in today’s day and age.  The high oxygen content will also help to clear the skin of any toxins as they too will be oxidised (removed) from the skin.


As can be seen from above, it is the ability to stabilise the oxygen within our products and then harness it that delivers such amazing benefits to the skin.